Video site Specific. Travesía Orquestas Infantiles Canales Australes.

          Abandonment is a proposal that is part of the video as visual observation and testing. It articulates a navigation route, unveiling a context of a border crossing in the course of the Chilean progress that moves and moves through territories and localities, which are supported from a powerful nature, in an outdated and musicalizada modernity.

           During the Second Crossing the Patagonian Archipelago Orchestras, shipboard Navy Achilles Chile, I began to record those edges that have always interested me. Residual margins that the inhabitants of this area live navigation. It is under a fictional country status, which is proposed from a modern and epic look at that life has evolved in these regions, which recognize and have observed both in Chile and in Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, where I developed my work .
The Trapananda would become the constant updating of the myth, where some hope of paradise, the city of the Caesars or just a better life, is enhanced within a framework of nature that inspires, but also throws us into the void, the instability of our dreams.
To approach the proposal, I edited the video in a diptych; to the left we see a stable image in which we can recognize different forms of simple life, but also powerful in its simplicity of movement, while on the right, we see an unstable image, almost always recorded from the Achilles ship, which give us account intervened and sublime nature. I chose not to show the musicians and concerts of the Second Crossing, but viewers stalked them and their contexts